Melbourne City is a fascinating place, every turn through the CBD brings you surprises. Having grown up in this city and spending a lot of time roaming around admiring everything it has to offer, what I’ve found is that when you look up you always get to see something new which is old.

The heritage buildings through Melbourne have some of the most appeal you’ll see in buildings throughout this world, and that’s just from the front. As of late, we have had the amazing opportunity to view many of these heritage complexes and been given backstage passes to some of Melbourne’s most exclusive apartment blocks.

Heritage is an area that I know quite well, having grown up in a double fronted Victorian and spending most of my career selling period homes in the inner bayside of Melbourne, I have a huge appreciation of the old homes and loved seeing the transformation people have created through renovations or restorations. Now, being in the CBD, I am drawn into some of the most magnificent buildings and with the quality of renovations in today’s market, I’ve seen some masterpieces.

My suggestion is that, as these properties come to market, you should take the time to come and view them. Aside the appreciation of the quality of both the buildings and their updates, you too may also fall in love with another side of Melbourne that you never knew existed. As far as investment goes, these styles of properties have always performed well and hold their value quite well, even when the market corrects and price drop off a little. Though the gains when the market is on the move north are quite substantial. Put some time into researching this area of the apartment market, I’m sure you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

As Melbourne follows in New York’s footsteps in being a city that never sleeps, more and more people are driven to the lifestyle of city living. With more infrastructure being built around and the corporate would building from strength to strength, Melbourne CBD is definitely an area worth looking to invest some money. The signs at the moment are telling me that it should see some solid growth over the next cycle.



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