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There’s always debate on whether you spend the extra money to stage your home. Mainly because after deciding on agent fees and advertising, it’s just hard to think about spending a few more thousand dollars to hire furniture or have an expert help rearrange things. But this small investment, may just change your life.

It is evident that when buyers walk into a home that has been properly staged, they have a much higher level of emotion towards the home, so long as the home itself ticks the boxes and is of interest. People automatically visualise themselves in that home, on the couch watching TV, at the dining table with the family, etc. The best part is they picture themselves with how the home is currently with the furniture that’s in it. This is the perfect home.

If your home has that level of emotional appeal to someone, then you will quickly trigger the money emotion, the fear of loss. A buyer losing a property that they want hurts, but they move on and hope for the best with the next auction or private treaty. But losing a property that you have already moved into in your mind, that you’ve planned for, that you’ve already pictured yourself in 10 years from now… That you need. Well that’s another kettle of fish altogether. That doesn’t hurt, it is devastating. Nobody wants to feel the lows of losing that, which means they will dig deeper and deeper to ensure they get what they need. Money doesn’t even matter anymore.

Now close your eyes and imagine three of these buyers bidding against each other on your home.



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