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Every property we bring to market, we try to run through some of the basics that people can do to help with the presentation for their property without breaking the bank. How your home presents to the market is one of the most important factors when it comes to securing an amazing result, yet agents continuously allow their sellers to present their homes poorly and don’t help guide them through the process.

With every property I list, I give my sellers some very simple tips that can help. My first one is always to change all the light bulbs throughout the property. Having new bright cool white lights throughout the property, literally show your property in a different light. The more light and bright a property presents, the happier people feel when walking through, it triggers certain emotions and forces people to feel a little brighter inside. This is also a must if your property lacks natural light.

Decluttering is a no brainer. Take out all items that are unnecessary and square off all your furnishings. By opening up the space and squaring everything off, the buyer is able to distinguish the different spaces your property offers and helps them getter a better understanding of how their furniture will fit. This in effect, helps the buyer move into your place mentally and already generates strong emotional interest that can force prices into the record breaking area.

If possible, paint the property a neutral colour throughout. White or off white are the best option, as it gives buyers a blank canvas to work with. It also minimises the objection from buyers as they seldom complain about having to paint a white house. The more objections you can lift, especially something like painting, the more people you will have engaged in your property to buy. White also helps open your property up a little more and is very helpful when you have a smaller space.

The last thing I always mention is smell. There have been studies that prove the scent of a place can increase the level of interest. Smell is quite powerful and can either bring the back the past in a heartbeat or create scenarios for you in the future. Citrus, rose or a light vanilla smell are great scents to work with. Even baking cookies or bread, or roasting a beef or chicken, can deliver some strong aromas that people love.

If you follow these basic steps, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance to secure an amazing result. Selling your property is a huge deal and you should be willing to sacrifice your day to day lifestyle for a few weeks and invest a little bit of money into the presentation of your property, so you can have the best shot at setting a record in your street. I’ve never known an owner unhappy to set a record.



The following advice is of a general nature and intended as an opinion and broad guide. For all legal, financial or real estate advice you should obtain independent professional advice to do with the specific nature of your circumstances before making any legal, financial or real estate decisions.

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