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Should I stage my property with hire furniture?

This question comes up quite a lot when we’re out in the field discussing the sale of our client’s properties. It’s one of those situations where the idea sounds amazing but the cost seems to just add to what is already a big bill to sell a property.

But here’s the thing, staging works. By hiring a professional interior designer to come into your home and fit it out with furniture that is suited to the style of the property you’re selling, will in turn allow buyers who can’t picture furniture in a room or can’t get their head around the space. It also opens rooms up and creates space in smaller areas and brings perspective to a room. All in all, it helps tremendously with a sale and the added value of having extra interested parties fighting each other to win the property can mean the addition of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, paying the overall investment and then some.

So, staging will help increase your interest levels in turn create more competition and gain a higher price. It also provides potential clients the opportunity to gain a better idea of the space available and how their personality fits with the property based on how it should be styled. The only thing to bear in mind when you’re thinking about staging and spending the extra money you absolutely must get the rest of the marketing right, especially the price. It would be a waste of money, spending thousands of dollars on furniture to be in your property for a few weeks if you get the price wrong or don’t expose your property properly and nobody comes through to fall in love with the surroundings.



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