Eliza Novak

Eliza Novak

Why real estate?

Simply put, it had always been something on my mind.

And what did you do before?

A bachelor’s degree in interior design, which furthered my love for property and the built environment.

What was your most memorable home?

An of the moment townhouse which didn’t quite hit the mark, but was still stunning in its own right – sold one day before auction.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

That everything happens for a reason – good, bad or other.

Outside of work, what do you love?

Being by the beach, it is “so the happy place” (Rachel Castle – and good design obviously).

Why work with Eliza.

Eliza is passionate about offering our clients a stress free, best practice / presented marketing experience. Her easy-going nature teamed with an obvious professional work ethic in both Sales and Rentals make Eliza a natural compliment to the Pavilion Property team.
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