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For many people looking in, what we do as real estate agents can be misread. Plenty of people think we take names and numbers, constantly lie and shark our way through life. Wear fancy suits and drive nice cars and not actually do anything for it. I would have thought that if this were the case, everybody would be a real estate agent.

But, it’s not the case. Being a real estate agent means long hours, plenty of stress with a smile planted on your face 24/7. Having the task of dealing with peoples’ largest asset is a demanding job. Not only do the owners, of each property you service, want constant feedback on where the sale is at. You can multiple the buyers per property by a minimum of 20 and think about having to deal with each of them.

It’s also a balancing act to keep everyone happy. With constant feedback and strong negotiation skills, the right agent can get the best price for an owner without losing face with the buyer, still receiving praise for both ends. An average agent, may find a quicker route to a sale, get an offer and have to owner take it. Even worse, they may get an owner to take an offer just because the buyer has more business for them at the end of that deal.

The hours real estate agents dedicate to this job can go unseen. Many of them work from early morning to late night six days a week. Mornings are great for admin work, and there’s plenty of it. All day, an agent could have their phone connected to their head speaking to people. They may be driving from one place to another showing properties or meeting with owners. But the job really starts after hours when people are more readily available to meet. Each night can be filled with appointments, whether it be buyer inspections or home appraisals, after hours is when a lot of business is done. Oh yeah, weekends are the game days, so you can cancel what you’ve got planned for the weekend if you want to be successful in this business.

Not only does this job take its toll on individuals strength, but it also affects their personal life at home and socially. There are many missed dinners, kids plays and general quality time with loved ones. Friday and Saturday nights with friends are compromised with open for inspections over a weekend. As much as an agent may be surrounded by people, it can sometimes be a lonely journey to the top. The fight for life balance mixed with the love of selling real estate is a hard nut to crack.



The following advice is of a general nature and intended as an opinion and broad guide. For all legal, financial or real estate advice you should obtain independent professional advice to do with the specific nature of your circumstances before making any legal, financial or real estate decisions.

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