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Our beautiful city has seen an amazing transformation over the past decade. It has gone from a sleepy little town to an expansive city that never sleeps. The skyline has nearly doubled in the past ten years, there are more people opting to live in the city and the investor to owner occupier ratio has definitely evened out.

Nonstop entertainment every night of the year, an incredible selection of food, late night shopping with the worlds biggest brands and the ever-increasing corporate sector offering more and more opportunities for people to get ahead, there’s no wonder why people are ditching suburbia to live amongst the lights.  Aside all that, there are some amazing properties to call home. The heritage buildings remain to be strongly sought after by owner occs and the landmark apartment blocks like The Republic at the corner of Queen and Lonsdale Streets or the Hero building at 118 Russell Street, have seen amazing capitol growth in this past cycle and are still securing strong prices at this moment.

I still think, in comparison with some of our inner-city suburbs, the CBD hasn’t received the attention it so rightly deserves. I do believe that with the continuous growth in infrastructure and the expanding skyline, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to look forward to over the next real estate cycle.



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