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Something to understand is that our occupation of selling and renting homes is not to be taken lightly from both owners and agents. We hold the key to one in four of our basic needs as humans, ‘SHELTER’.

The lack of knowledge on how much work goes into us ensuring people move from under one roof to another is one of the major reasons why we have such a reputation. In saying that though, there are understandable reasons why people love and hate us so much. A lot of agents do not themselves understand the gravity of our line of work. Simply put, they are here to make the quick buck while the market has been going from strength to strength, they’ve never worked in a marketplace that corrects and they will find it very hard to understand to sell a property in a buyers’ market. Generally it’s the inexperience which leads to the lack of understanding that what we do actually does matter so much more than just listing and selling houses.

This is usually one of the biggest financial and emotional transactions people make. Aside that, all real estate, whether it be a $150,000 studio apartment all the way to a $30m Toorak mansion it’s a lot of money and some of the biggest transactions in the world… even at the lower scale. Now, the financial side is easy to get your head around because it is all just numbers and they add up or they don’t. Bigger than the number is the emotion. The memories of you first child growing up, living a lifetime with your partner, your childhood or even the death of a family member, these memories have no price.

I am grateful for my placement in this world. I get to help people’s financial situation and break through emotional barriers for them to move onto the next stage of life. The gratitude I have for being a part of their lives through the roller coaster of emotion when selling a house, is the reason why I can wake up every day with a different energy to most, because I realise how much I matter to the people I’m working with. The empathy I have for the ever-changing situations of life, the compassion I maintain to never lose track of my why and the constant self-reminder that the decisions I make in every moment will change the course of someone’s life, are what I try to instil into the employees of this company. At least then I know, no matter what the outcome is, how our clients feel, the decisions that were made are always in the best interest of our owners.

Because of the gravity of what we do, we are open to a lot of different emotional outcomes. Our job is not only to help people move from one place to another, or help with financial gain. We also must get people out of their own way from making the bad decisions. These are the hard ones… these are the ones that cost us on a business level… But that’s ok, someone can swear to never use us again and spread the bad word… In the end, we know it was the right decision, otherwise it would never have been made. And even though we may get a little bit of flack in the heat of a moment, the countless times I run into a passed client a little further down track, they to recognise that it was the right decision. That’s enough to know that what we do, not only matters, but it’s the right thing to do.



The following advice is of a general nature and intended as an opinion and broad guide. For all legal, financial or real estate advice you should obtain independent professional advice to do with the specific nature of your circumstances before making any legal, financial or real estate decisions.

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