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Is a buyer agent worth my while?

The demand for buyer advocates has spiked significantly over the past decade. TV shows like The Block have helped people understand what they do and the value they bring to each transaction. A good buyer agent will guide their client to the right properties based on the criteria they have been given, do copious amounts of research on each property and know the sticking points in negotiation to buy at the lowest price.

It’s a demanding job, constantly moving from one property to another in seek of the perfect deal. Because they’re in the market constantly they generally forge strong relationships with real estate agents and get the inside scoop. Whether it be finding properties off market that suit criteria or getting more information then the average Joe from long standing relationships, a buyer agent can be a vital tool in your kit to find and buy your next property.

For the most part, people who are extremely busy engage buyer agents to help in buying property, though I think more people should look for property with representation. Understandably it comes at an expense, though if all you had to do is go out for one weekend to find all your perfect properties, rather then sacrifice months of weekends in search yourself, then it’s already worth your while. But that’s only one aspect of why a buyer agent is beneficial.

If you’re currently out and about looking at properties, I would at least pick up the phone and call a buyer advocate. Have a conversation and see whether that will bring any value to your life. In the end, you pay for a service to save you money immediately and into the future.



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