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Is a buyer advocate with past selling experience more beneficial?

When you’re interviewing buyer agents to help you secure your property, it’s important to have a good understanding about their history in real estate. A lot of buyer agents have gone straight into becoming an advocate because it’s a great paying job, though others have gotten into it after spending most of their career servicing sellers and have decided to offer their expertise with buyers.

In my eyes, a buyer advocate who has had a strong successful career in selling homes has a lot to offer. They know what it’s like on the other side of the fence and can use their past experiences to always be a step ahead of the game when it comes to negotiating. They know what makes agents tick, they can read them better than anyone else and they also know how to find out what level of pressures the sellers are in. They generally have long standing established relationships with other agents and have access to off market properties and in a lot of cases, they will get the no BS service from agents when finding more out about the property.

The most important thing that I’ve experienced between ex-selling agents and the one-sided buyer agent, is the difference in negotiation. The ex-selling agent understands that they are not against the selling agent, which generally leads to an easy-going negotiation where all parties involved are trying to come to an agreement without high pressure tactics in which someone always loses. An agent who has only been a buyer advocate, most of the time doesn’t understand this and acts more like an enemy. This tactic doesn’t work most of the time and they’ll find themselves losing more properties for their clients and burning valuable relationships with agents.

Therefore, if you can find an advocate who has had a successful career selling, they will come with a lot more tricks up their sleeves that will help you find, secure and save on your next property purchase. You will have a much better experience overall and feel more comfortable with your end purchase.



The following advice is of a general nature and intended as an opinion and broad guide. For all legal, financial or real estate advice you should obtain independent professional advice to do with the specific nature of your circumstances before making any legal, financial or real estate decisions.

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