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As an agent in the now, I’m torn. Are the print media publications still relevant? I have a few takes on this, though what I’ve found, right at this moment, they still make a difference.

Let’s firstly quash why agents love to get you in the paper. It’s great branding for the agency. That’s all. The bigger the column in the paper, the more pages people have to scroll through seeing the agency brand, the bigger the head gets. So there’s the reason why the push so hard to get you in there.

Ok, so does it work? Simply, the answer is yes. It works on different accounts. Firstly, you get in front of the passive buyer. This is a buyer who can buy, but never is actively looking ie. builders, renovators, investors, downsizers, etc. You’ll catch these people while they’re having their morning coffee at the café or sitting at home looking at the pretty houses in the magazine. Secondly, it shows great motivation on a seller’s behalf. Everyone knows these ads aren’t cheap and the reassurance that you have committed to selling your home because they see it while having a coffee reading the magazine and on the real estate sites while looking for a new home, gives them the comfortability to put the time aside to see your home and even buy it. The higher the motivation of an owner to sell, the greater chance the buyer will dedicate more time into that property, because nobody likes to waste time.

Where I’m torn. I think it’s overpriced for the level of attention you get. There is high risk, because it is not accountable. You are investing on hope. A hope that you pick up one or two extra buyers from each week you publicise your property in these magazines or papers. But those one or two buyers may make the difference of a $25,000 bid at the start of an auction or a $500 bid at the end. Either way, it generally pays its way through if it is effective.

I still use print media and traditional forms of selling real estate as an insurance policy to know we have exhausted every potential level of finding buyers for properties. Though on the side I hope to divert more investment into other areas on a digital front which will still attract the same buyers at not even close to a fraction of the cost. So far, my journeys have been successful and I look forward to having more substantial data to show you a whole new way to attract buyers to your house.



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