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Whether it’s just time to create some more space, or you are thinking of selling your property, a quick declutter can do wonders. But where do you start and how do you go about it? It can be quite daunting just staring at everything you need to get rid of and it’s also challenging when it comes to sentimental items or thinking about the amount of money you have spent accumulating so many belongings.

There are a few quick ways to rip the band aid off. Sites like eBay and Gumtree are a good start. It’s as simply as taking a few photos with your mobile phone and listing your items for sale. Gumtree offer free items if you’re just wanting someone to take it away, otherwise, eBay ninety-nine cent auctions are a good way to make at least a dollar out of an item and still having someone pick it up. You can do it all yourself or you can maybe find someone to help by posting a job on an app called Airtasker, seeking a professional who can take photos, write descriptions and upload all items, they will also categorise everything for easy pick up.

If you’re thinking about giving everything away, another good starting point would be having the Salvation Army come around and see what you can donate. They will have a look through your items and take what they can. This is a great way to open some space up knowing that your items are going to help people who need them.

You can always go with a good old-fashioned garage sale as well. These days, you can promote your garage sale locally through groups on Facebook as well as putting signs around the neighbourhood, posting a notice in the local supermarket and of course putting an entry into the local paper. This is a surprisingly effective way to declutter and can also bring out your inner-salesperson why you negotiate away selling off your past.

All in all, sometimes a good declutter can be quite cleansing. If you’re thinking about doing so, then maybe try some of the above fixes before anything and you’ll be surprised about what may be left at the end of the process. Happy selling.



The following advice is of a general nature and intended as an opinion and broad guide. For all legal, financial or real estate advice you should obtain independent professional advice to do with the specific nature of your circumstances before making any legal, financial or real estate decisions.

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