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Heritage apartments are scattered throughout Melbourne CBD. They are buildings that were built from the mid to late 1800’s anywhere through to the early 1900’s. From Victorian and Edwardian influenced buildings through to the art deco styles, the charm of the old world is worth the investment.

Many of the heritage listed building throughout the city have been converted to either commercial or residential residences. They tend to offer large spaces with a solid build, very different to what today’s developers offer. The facades are mainly filled with different details, depending on the era, from mosaic tiling, green lion heads all the way through to plain squared. These buildings bring a different light to the city and it’s amazing what you see when you look up.

They are a worthy investment if you’re looking to buy. They generally cost a little more than the everyday apartment and have less facilities throughout. Though the growth patterns in equity are much stronger than some of the neighbouring high-rise towers. They are always sought after and attract different types of buyers, mainly owner occupiers as you’ll find that a lot of the heritage apartment blocks have a higher percentage of owner living there.

Next time you walk through Melbourne CBD, take the time to look up and see what lives above the streets. You’ll be amazed by what you find, everyday I walk through I see something I’ve never seen, and I’ve been living this city for most of my life. If you’re buying, add a few of the properties to the agenda to see.



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