Downsize your living and upsize your life

Over the years, people who are coming around to retirement or are already there begin to look at a logical way of living. These days, parents whose kids have decided to find a place of their own, bring their plans forward and move out of the high maintenance lifestyle sooner rather than later. The lock up and leave lifestyle is one that doesn’t take long for people to get their heads around and the next thing you know, you’ve got a renewal on life.

Whether it be social, travel or just having more time to do what you want to do, downsizing is something that needs to be embraced and taken advantage of. There are plenty of other benefits when trading big for small, one of the main is having a few extra dollars left over in the bank to help with some of the lifestyle changes. There’s nothing wrong with having the convertible weekend car and/or booking the cruise of a lifetime.

Something else to consider when you make the move is going out with the old and in with the new. This brings a whole new level of excitement to this life changing decision. eBay and Gumtree should be your best friend, sell off all your old furniture, keep a few sentimental pieces and start shopping around for a whole new way of living. It’s such a great activity to do with your partner, friends or family and it will really add to the pleasure of the overall move.

On a finishing note, always make this decision yours and don’t be forced into it. Don’t wait longer then you need or wait for a life changing decision to force your hand. Own the decision, embrace it and enjoy every moment of it. After a life dedicated to giving to your family, it’s time to give a little something to yourself.



The following advice is of a general nature and intended as an opinion and broad guide. For all legal, financial or real estate advice you should obtain independent professional advice to do with the specific nature of your circumstances before making any legal, financial or real estate decisions.

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