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It doesn’t happen often but it does happen. Some owners are so fed up with the antics of local agents that they are forced to look at agents in other suburbs. At first it seems a little silly to choose someone who doesn’t know the basics of an area, by the same token, it has its advantages.

I’ve worked in a lot of areas completely unknown to me. Throughout each campaign I’ve served my clients well, keeping them up to date with their property and in the process had a crash course on the area and what helps sell the lifestyle.

Now of course plenty of self-research goes into it before you begin a campaign, but the words “I don’t know, I’ll get back to you” have probably taught me the biggest lessons. Naturally we go in with a higher level of excitement because we’re in a foreign territory, thought what I’ve noticed is we sell a lot of the little gems of an area that a lot of the local agents assume all the clients know.

I guess if you’re seriously thinking about hiring an outside agent, just make sure they have instilled the confidence in you that they will service you better than anyone you interviewed, they are a skilled negotiator and they will do the rest.



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